The History Of Greater Deliverance Church

Apostle Duncan began to cultivate himself in God’s word under the ministry of the Faith Healing Center, Deptford, New Jersey.  He worked faithfully in every avenue as a local minister concerning his theological education.  He was appointed Assistant Pastor of the Faith Healing Center in 1969.  In 1970, he became the Pastor of that ministry.

In 1971, by the leading of the Lord, Apostle Duncan was released of his Pastorship in New Jersey and moved to Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

After Apostle Duncan and his family arrived in Coatesville, prayer meetings were held in his apartment on North 7th Avenue, across the street from his former business, “Duncan’s Barber Shop”.


Every Wednesday evening, Bible Study was held at Apostle Duncan’s apartment and eventually moved from house to house.

Tithes were received from six (6) members, Apostle Duncan, the late Sis. Duncan, Sis. Gladys Boyer, Sis. Alethea Boyer, Mother Sarah Towles and Sis. Loretta Colasso.  Shortly thereafter, the late Mother Bernice Langford was added to the church making up the seven (7) original members.


While living on 7th Avenue, the Lord spoke through prophecy to Apostle Duncan that his church house would be located in the south, not knowing that “south” meant the building would be in South Coatesville.

This type of fellowship continued for two (2) years.  Apostle Duncan then moved to Valley Road in Coatesville, which created a bigger edifice.  Revivals were conducted in the home and God blessed.

While still living on Valley Road, God began to speak to Apostle Duncan concerning a building for the church to worship in.  In seeking many places, the choices were narrowed down to two (2) locations, the former location, 500 South 1st Avenue and the Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall on Montclair Avenue.

As Apostle Duncan sought information and with much negotiation concerning the two (2) locations, 500 South 1st Avenue was the place that Apostle Duncan knew God was leading him to pursue.

On New Years Eve, at his home on Valley Road before prayer service, Apostle Duncan held a brief meeting to share with the members that 500 South 1st Avenue was the place God had given him.  He was met with great opposition and became very discouraged.


After the meeting and prayer service, Apostle Duncan told Sis. Duncan he was going into a prayer shut-in and was not coming out until he had heard from God.


On New Year’s Day at 1:00 pm, Apostle Duncan received a call from a very good friend and brother, the late Rev. Seymour DeBoot.  Rev. DeBoot had called to encourage Apostle Duncan to hold on to what God had already said.

Later that day, the Lord spoke to Apostle Duncan and said, “What are you doing here when I’ve already given it to you”.  Apostle Duncan came out of the room with confidence and told Sis. Duncan they were going to obey God if they had to go by themselves.  Afterward, the Lord moved on the other member’s hearts and they rejoined them.

In February 1976, Coatesville Greater Deliverance Church, Inc. formerly located at 500 South 1st Avenue and currently located at 800 South 1st Avenue, Coatesville, Pennsylvania, was chartered and recognized by the State of Pennsylvania and Chester County.

Greater Deliverance Church began to grow slowly.  God was blessing.  Satan saw this and caused the church to split again.  Apostle Duncan, Sis. Duncan and their children were left alone with no members.

This was all part of Apostle Duncan’s making.  By the grace of God, Apostle Duncan stood and God saw him through that great test.


In 1979, God ordained a five (5) week revival.  This was the greatest revival Apostle Duncan had ever witnessed.  Each night the church was full and on Sunday evenings, there was standing room only.  God spoke and said that he was going to send new people.  From that point on, God has done just that.

Through much prayer, toil and labor, Greater Deliverance Church is growing and developing into the outreach ministry that God would have it to be. Greater Deliverance has gone from a membership of seven (7) to an attendance of over one hundred (100) and it is steadily growing.

Two (2) years later, the Lord showed Apostle Duncan a vision concerning the new edifice.  After much prayer and consulting with the Lord, God made Apostle Duncan to know that he wanted him to build a new edifice.

God began to prove himself through confirmations.

Matthew 18:16b says, “that in the mouth of two or three witnesses, every word may be established”.

Because of the increasing membership and attendance, Greater Deliverance Church was endeavoring to build a new edifice that the Lord had shown Apostle Duncan in the vision.

The church has gone through three (3) transitional stages.  Due to the condition of the building at 500 S. 1st Avenue and for the safety of the membership, Apostle Duncan was again faced with a great decision.  After much searching, Apostle Duncan decided to move the membership to Benner Elementary School in Coatesville until the new edifice could be built.  The church remained there for two years.  During this two-year transition and with many obstacles before him, Apostle Duncan again began to seek the Lord for direction.  After much seeking and knocking, the door finally opened for Apostle Duncan.  On December 29th, 1996, Apostle Duncan and the membership moved into 800 S. 1st Avenue, the present location of Greater Deliverance Church.  To God be the glory!

God said, “The Struggle Is Over And The Answer Is Yes”, and Apostle Duncan is standing on God’s word.